By Story Jam (other events)

Thu, Mar 25 2021 6:30 PM CDT Thu, Apr 29 2021 9:00 PM CDT

Welcome to a mystical storytelling experience!

Master storyteller and solo show performer Arlene Malinowski offers personal narrative storytelling through the seminal arts of feminine wisdom. We’ll address our personal truths with artful sharing and expert feedback, and we’ll explore: creative vision; sacred spaces; the light and shadow selves; self-care and healing; artistic intuition; and elevated craft.

Participants will enjoy a weekly meditation with check-ins highlighting personal challenges and triumphs and there will also be fabulous psychic readings; inspiring activities and tasks; resources for exploration; and magically soulful discussions. 

Experience profound joy and magnify your inner goddess!

BEST SERVES: Storytellers and seekers of communal Goddess energy.